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Pin Pile Products from Atlas - Pin Piles Capability Chart and Specifications

pin pile cad drawing smPin piles are used as a method of soil stabilization and foundation footings. Often referred to as micro piles or mini piles, pin piles vary from 2- 6 inches in diameter. Thanks to their small size, pin piles are ideal for building foundations on sites with physical and geotechnical restraints.

Pin piles are most commonly used for lighter load piling construction projects. Design and installation requirements for pin piles vary and depend on the individual project, size and type of pin pile design and soil conditions. Pin piles are an inexpensive solution for foundation repairs.

The piles are driven into the ground with pneumatic or vibratory hammers.

Specification: A500 Gr C
 - Tensile 62,000 PSI Min.
 - Yield 46,000 PSI Min.
 - Elongation in 2" 21%
Lengths: 20-44 ft.
Ends: Plain ends
Size Range: 2.375 - 6.625
Wall Thickness: .125 - .500
Mills: Chicago, IL
  Detroit, MI
  Blytheville, AR
Full documentation is available. Including MM USA.


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