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Micro Piles for High Tensile Loads Steel Piles

Micro Pile CAD Drawing smMicro piles, also referred to as mini piles, are midsized pile pipes installed in a subsurface environment that reinforce load transferring elements. Micro piles generally range from 3 to 14 inches in diameter. Though relatively small, micro piles are designed to carry high tensile loads. Manufactured with high-strength bar and under pressure grouting, micro piles by Atlas Piles are crafted to withstand relatively significant axail and moderate lateral loads.

Micro piles are an economical solution for reinforcement in structures where engineering challenges and usable space come into play. Since they can be installed in as little as 6 to 8 feet of workable spacing and exude minimal vibrations, micro piles are ideal for piling projects in close proximity to neighboring structures. Micro piles are commonly used in older buildings and historical sites.

Atlas Piles casings used with high strength bar and under pressure grouting offer an economical foundation solution where obstructions limit access or project conditions call out for solutions. Designed to carry high tensile loads.

Installed in as little as 6 to 8 foot of workable spacing that limits more traditional alternatives options for support system in close proximity to neighboring structures.

Specification: A500 Gr C
 - Tensile 62,000 PSI Min.
 - Yield 46,000 PSI Min.
 - Elongation in 2" 21%
Lengths: 20 - 44 ft
Ends: Plain end or with plasma bevels
Size Range: 4.500 - 12.750
Wall Thickness: .250 - .625
Mills: Chicago, IL
  Harrow, ON. CAN
Full documentation is available. Including MM USA.


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