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Standard pipe piles, micro piles, pin piles, marine piles, and other steel pipe piles for deep foundation construction piling projects - Atlas Tube is the largest construction supplier of straight-seam ERW pipe piling products. We deliver new ERW steel pipe piling for deep foundation piling construction projects across North America and overseas to construction companies, general contractors, service centers, pile drivers, and even our own competitors.

The most common grades of steel used in our ERW pipe piling products include structural grade ASTM A 500 prime pipe, along with piling grades ASTM A 252 pipe and modified ASTM A 252 with 50 or 60 KSI minimum yield strength.

Atlas Pipe Piles from Atlas Tube provide support for geotechnical and deep foundation projects with friction pipe piles, load bearing piles, driven pipe piles, straight seam piles and end-bearing applications.

Sizes range in diameter from 2.375 thru 20.000 NPS, with lengths of 20' to 105'. Non-standard wall thicknesses can be manufactured upon request. Our metallurgist and/or structural engineer can help you address specific issues and find economical solutions.

High-Quality Steel for High-Profile Applications

We primarily work with structural-grade ASTM A 500 steel, along with piling grades ASTM A 252 Grade 2, Grade 3 and modified Grade 3 with a minimum of 50 KSI yield strength. For unique design-build projects, we sometimes use high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) and copper-bearing (CU) steels. Our high-quality steel makes Atlas Pipe Piles the ideal choice when working for government agencies including state and federal DOT and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as for energy, civil and private applications.

Fully Tested with Full Traceability

When you work with Atlas Tube, you get the benefit of complete quality assurance. We back up every MTR with a coil certificate from our suppliers. That's also how you know our products are MADE AND MELTED in America. These are just some of the many reasons why Atlas Pipe Piles are used across North America.


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