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Frequently Asked Questions

Atlas Pipe Piles is North America's leading producer of straight seam ERW steel pipe. Our ERW straight seam steel pipe piles include micro piles, pin piles, standard pipe piles, load bearing piles, friction pipe piles, driven pipe piles and more for geotechnical and deep foundation applications.

Our most common grades of steel are structural grade ASTM A 500, along with piling grades ASTM A 252, modified ASTM A 252 with 50 or 60 KSI minimum yield strength. In Canada, Atlas Pipe Piles offers A 500 and CSA G40.21 out of stock and piling grade A 252 off our mill rollings. High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA), Copper Bearing (CU), along with other special grades of steel is also available for unique design piling construction projects.

Our specialized steel piling sales team is available to help with all your piling requirements. Atlas Pipe Piles also has a structural engineer and metallurgist on staff to assist you with choosing the right steel pipe piles for your piling construction project.

Can Atlas make pipe schedule sizes along with decimal wall thickness?

Yes, Atlas can make almost any size from our min wall to our maximum wall thickness on the mill.

Schedules 10-40-80 are very common items for us as well as decimal wall thicknesses.

What lengths are available?

Chicago has a 21 ft min and 125 ft max.
Harrow has a 20 ft min and a 120 ft max.

What are the common grades Atlas Tube offers?

A 500 Grades B and C
A 252 Grade 2 and 3
A 252 modified / 50 KSI min

What specialty grades are available?

High Strength Low Alloy

Copper Bearing (CU)

ASTM 847

How fast can production run a length, say, 60 ft long of 16 x .500?

Less than 90 seconds is all the time needed. Our mills run about 1,000 to 1,200 tons a shift.

Does Atlas have a set rolling schedule?

Yes, Atlas has a published rolling schedule for all locations.

When an order of considerable size is placed and material is needed, what can Atlas do?

Atlas offers drop in rollings between production schedules for projects over 400 tons.

Does Atlas have partners that can assist with value added services or prefabrication?

Yes, we have partners at all our locations for this type of work and that are from CSA and AWS certified shops.

Can Atlas offer MM USA with supportive paperwork?

Atlas offers original MTRs with coil certs if needed, to meet all MM USA requirements.

Atlas Tube, Chicago works, will ID stamp the heat number into to pipe piles for identification.

What manufacturing process does Atlas use?

Atlas uses the ERW straight seam process of manufacturing.

What rounds size range does Atlas Tube have?

Chicago from 1.315" to 20"
Harrow from 4.5" to 16"

What is the carbon equivalent calculation formula used by Atlas Tube?

The carbon equivalent (CE) is calculated as CE=C + (Mn+Si)/6 + (Cr+Mo+V)/5 + (Ni+Cu)/15. The CE shall be 0.45% maximum and may be shown on the MTR.

What details are provided with stenciling on Atlas pipe piles?

Except for steel pipe piling marked with the API monogram, each length of steel pipe piling shall be marked as follows:

  1. Name and location of the piling manufacturer
  2. State contact number, for Class N only
  3. Heat number
  4. Welding process
  5. Outer diameter, nominal wall thickness, minimum wall thickness, and length
  6. Year piling was produced
  7. Marked as specified below for each class of steel pipe piling. Only CALTRANS-audited facilities are approved to mark piling for use on this project.